Affiliate Links FAQ

What are Affiliate Links? Affiliate links are a special URL from a specific company that allows people to get a bit of money back from purchases made through that link.

How do they work? The link contains a code that is specific to a user (such as me).  When someone clicks on one of my links, the browser will store “cookies” that will tell the website where you got the link.  The cookies usually only last a couple days, unless you clear them sooner.  If you make a purchase that item within a couple days, I will get a small amount back from your purchase.  

Simply put: Affiliate links tell your internet browser where you found out about this item.  It will then track it and, if you make a purchase during the set amount of time, the blogger will get a small commission from that purchase.

Why do companies do this? Companies love when people get excited about their products and want to share them.  This is a way for the company to say thank you to the people sharing their links.  

Why do you use Affiliate Links? It takes a lot of time, money, and energy to keep this blog filled with great content. By using affiliate programs for products I love, I can make money to help cover these costs.  I am also trying to make a full-time income online, through this blog. This helps make that a reality.

So you’re just trying to get money from me? Absolutely not,  I will never promote an item that I do not totally love.  Every link I share is intentionally planned.  While I do need an income to keep living, this isn’t only about money.  I want to share with you the products that I have tried and that I love.  You are also not paying me, the company is paying me for sharing their products.  I don’t assume you will buy something just because I shared it.  I assume you will buy something because it provides a service or fills a need for you. 

How much money do you make? Every affiliate program is different. Some pay a percentage, others a set amount of money.  However, it is typically between 1% and 6% of your purchase. 

What companies do you work with? I have affiliate programs with several different companies and they can change over time.  Right now, my go to affiliates are with BlueHost, Amazon, and Michaels, but as I said, this is ever changing.  

Do you ever hide them? No, I will always let you know when I am using affiliate links.  I believe in being open, authentic, and honest with my readers.

Can anyone get affiliate links? You have to sign up for the affiliate program with each company. While this is typically an easy thing that anyone can do, some companies have requirements for their affiliate programs, so you just have to look at them.

If you have any additional questions about affiliate programs or why I use them, please don’t hesitate to send me a quick email through the contact page on the menu!  

Peace and Love, 
Erica Gilliam