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My Favorite Watercolor Supplies

My Favorite Watercolor Supplies

This post contains affiliate links. That simply means that if you purchase something from this page, I will get a small commission from that purchase (at no additional cost to you). This helps me continue to make great content for you! For more information, you can read about it here.

Have you been considering giving watercolor a try? One of the hardest parts of getting started with any creative medium is knowing what materials to buy. Over the last few years, I have learned a lot about what supplies I love using. While a lot of things are trial and error based on what works for you, I wanted to share some of my favorites to help you on your journey!

Watercolor paper

Canson Mixed Media 7×10″ Sketchbook 

This is by far my favorite sketchbook to date! I have tried several other sketchbooks, but this is still my absolute favorite one! the paper quality and size are great and I haven’t had issues with the pages folding or coming out of the journal.

Grab it on Amazon for about $15.

Canson 9×12″ 140lb Watercolor Paper 

This paper is perfect for getting started or smaller illustrations. I like to use this for quicker paintings I do or illustrations that I will be digitizing later! 

Paints & Inks

Grumbacher Academy Watercolor Paints 

I initially purchased Grumbacher watercolor paints because they were an affordable option to get started with watercolor painting. I was immediately impressed with the quality and selection of color at a great price! Here are my go-to colors in my palette.  *These are the ones that I cannot live without.

Purples, Pinks, and Reds

Blues, Greens and Blacks

Yellows, Oranges, and Browns

Grab the starter set on Amazon for about $30

Coliro Colors Finetec Gold Palette

I cannot tell you how much I love this palette. These paints are my all-time favorite paints! The quality and opacity of these paints are incredible! I absolutely swear by these! Seriously, all their palettes are amazing so check them out!

Grab this palette on Amazon for about $21.

Koh-i-noor Travel Paint Wheel

I was sent this palette to try and it is absolutely amazing! This is an amazing starter palette or an inexpensive addition to your collection! The colors or vibrant and it doesn’t take up much space!

Grab it on Amazon for about $10.

Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground

If you ever want to use watercolor on a surface that you can’t paint over, watercolor ground is the answer. It makes any surface paintable! I use it over gold leaf, on wood, over acrylic, etc… It makes everything even more versatile!

Grab it on amazon for about $13.

Himi Gouache Paint

While this isn’t technically watercolor, I want to include these because they pair perfectly with watercolors! I like to use gouache to add additional details at the end of a painting or add lighter elements back into a piece when I have overworked it. Gouache is similar to watercolor, but is more opaque, so you can put light colors on top of dark colors (similar to acrylic).

Grab this set of 24 for about $30.

Gold Leaf and Adhesive

24k Gold Leaf

I absolutely love gold leaf! I use the real 24k gold leaf in all of my original paintings. The quality makes a huge difference! This won’t burnish or change with time. 

Grab it on Amazon for about $52 for 25 sheets.

Imitation Gold Leaf

A much more affordable option, I use imitation gold leaf in smaller illustrations and to embellish prints or stickers. I love how easy it is to use!

Grab it on Amazon for about $8 for 100 sheets.

Guilding Adhesive

This is how I adhere my gold leaf and pressed flowers. Also known as size, this adhesive is water-based and liquidy, which makes it really easy to use in multiple places!

Grab it on Amazon for about $7.

Brushes & Pens

Watercolor Brushes

I believe that the paintbrush you are drawn to can vary so significantly by each person and their painting style & needs.  However, here are some of the brush sizes I always keep on hand. Please note that some of these aren’t the exact brushes I use, but they are the closest I could find online. 

Winsor & Newton Cotman 0000 Round Brush (exact brush)
Winsor & Newton Cotman 000 Round Brush (exact brush)
Winsor & Newton Cotman 00 Round Brush (exact brush)
Princeton Neptune 0 Round Brush (exact brush)
Princeton Neptune 2 Round Brush
Princeton Neptune 6 Round Brush
Princeton Neptune 8 Round Brush
Princeton Neptune 1 Script Liner Brush (exact brush)

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens

I seriously love these brush pens.  They are perfect for hand lettering and for adding lines to paintings. I also use these for linework in a drawing or painting.

Grab it on Amazon for about $6.

Micron Fine Liners

These are by far my favorite fine liners and I have tried several brands. They last really well, the tips are great quality and the don’t bleed like some of the others. I love using these for small line details and signing my paintings. 


Watercolor Palette

I have been using the same watercolor palette for nearly 5 years! I just refill all the colors from the tubes as I use them.  These are the same style as the one I absolutely love!


 Grab these on Amazing for $10 for 2.


I am always adding additional supplies to this list! What are some of your favorite supplies?



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